How can layman identify transparent plastic packag
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In general, most of the customers we contact do not have professional knowledge of blister packaging at all, but the demand urges them to contact the products in this industry. So how do people who don't understand the industry decide what kind of blister packaging is the best for them? In fact, most people will habitually use the most intuitive method to choose, that is, what they see with their naked eyes, the senses make them have the awareness of packaging, thinking that this is what they want, but in fact, this is not a desirable method, which will affect the matching degree of packaging and demand, resulting in the final selection of packaging can not fully meet their own requirements.
How can we find the most satisfactory and suitable packaging when choosing blister packaging? We simply use transparent blister packaging to deal with the situation:
Conventional transparent materials include pet, PVC and PETG: pet is a kind of environmental protection material. Its transparency is relatively higher than PVC, and it has flammability. Its cost is relatively higher than PVC. PVC is a kind of non environmental protection material phase by phase, but it is incombustible and can be used for hot pressing and blistering packaging. Its cost is relatively low. It is usually used in the factory for turnover or It is used in the packaging of hardware industry; while PETG combines the advantages of pet and PVC. It has the environmental protection of pet and the incombustibility of PVC. It is generally used for customized high-quality or transparent blister packaging exported to Europe, America and other countries. The price is also the most expensive of the three materials.
PETG needless to say, the most expensive material is. The difference between pet and PVC is hard to be distinguished by inexperienced people. Here's a tip for our customers to teach you how not to be fooled by the black hearted manufacturers in the material manufacturers. When the manufacturer sends the sample of transparent blister packaging to your hand, you can cut a small part and burn it with a lighter. Pet can be ignited. Otherwise, PVC can be used. This can prevent the manufacturer from making more profits in order to save costs. After the material of pet is quoted to you, it is mass produced with PVC.
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