Classification of blister packaging
Release:Webmaster  Time:2020-03-31
The function of blister packaging is divided into two categories: one is transparent series for the purpose of displaying, protecting and beautifying products. Most of the packaged products are small commodities, which are placed or hung on the shelves of supermarkets, and most of the selected materials are pet and PVC with better transparency. Products include: blister cover, blister shell, blister shell, hot press blister box, half fold blister box and transparent folding box.
The other is a series of blister tray packaging for the purpose of protection, separation, shockproof and foil. Most of the products are electronic, it, industrial parts and cosmetics, and most of the materials used are PS, PVS or pet (color, antistatic and flocking, etc.). Products include: tray, inner tray, blister box, flocking blister, anti-static blister tray, conductive blister tray, turnover tray, etc.
The combination of these two types of blister packaging has also produced a new type of packaging - top and bottom blister packaging, in which the "face" of the bottom cover is made of PET material with better transparency, and the "bottom" is made of PS material, which not only plays the protection function of the container, but also has the intuitive effect of display.
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