What factors should be paid attention to when desi
Release:Webmaster  Time:2020-03-31
With the continuous improvement of medical level, a variety of medical devices are springing up, which greatly stimulates the sterilization packaging market of medical devices, which determines the safety of plastic packaging of medical devices. More and more medical device manufacturers want to design a medical device packaging suitable for their own products while developing a new medical device, but due to the sterilization The lack of packaging knowledge makes it difficult for them to design their own packaging. Now Suzhou lingyao Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you the factors that need to be paid attention to in the design process.
1、Natural properties of medical devices (materials, weight, hardness, resistance, etc.)
2、Sterilization method to be used
3、Target use
4、Validity of design
5、Transportation and storage environment
6、A professional medical device sterilization packaging manufacturer
The first five factors determine the packaging method, material, thickness and the material and thickness of the cover material, etc., while a professional Blister packaging manufacturer can save you a lot of unnecessary troubles, and it is also a guarantee for the safety performance of the designed sterilization packaging of medical devices!
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