Sterile blister box
PETG belongs to amorphous polyester. For three kinds of medical device manufacturers, PETG hard blister packaging is very familiar. In mainland China, most of them are light blue transparent materials with thickness between 0.5-1.0, which are not only high-end and generous in appearance, but also suitable for various sterilization methods such as EO, irradiation (Ƴ or e-beam), low-temperature plasma, etc.
The 6763 brand produced by Eastman is specially developed for medical treatment, with the highest popularity at present. By default, it is one of the most reliable packaging materials for initial packaging of medical devices, which meets the requirements of ISO10993 certification, iso11607 certification, USP VI and other reports, and has complete packaging verification data.
PETG sterile hard packing box has excellent impact strength and toughness, excellent chemical resistance. Fully meet its processing performance and terminal application (buckle fixation and clean opening).
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