Sterile blister box
APET, also known as amorphous polyester, is the main primary packaging material of class II and class I medical device manufacturers. It is colorless, transparent and cheap. High quality APET has good biocompatibility and microbial barrier performance.
There are many APET manufacturers in the domestic market, but not many of them meet the requirements of medical grade use, and even some RPET (regenerated polyester) acts as APET is not uncommon. Therefore, the choice of this kind of specialty should be given to the orientation technical team, and the choice of materials is the premise of achieving quality.
APET's deficiency or defect is also innate. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and has only 2-3 years of anti-aging. Of course, because it is the same family with PETG, the processing performance and the fastener fixation performance of terminal application are good. It is expected to remain the leading role in the primary packaging market of medical devices in China for quite some time.
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